Effects Of Women Suffrage In Latin America

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Women’s’ Suffrage in Latin America (1900-1945) Women in Latin America were viewed as the stereotypical housewives, as their only duty was to take care of their household and children. Their purpose in life was to direct man on the path of virtue and purify his soul with love. Latin men viewed women as the weaker sex. This was all due to the effect of Spanish colonialism of how men viewed women in Latin America. Under the Catholic Church rule, women had to be pure and accept the life that was chosen and given to them just like the Virgin Mary. Women are expected to be good wives and mothers, which typically includes self-sacrifice and putting one’s family and its survival above all else . Also, not only did Spanish colonialism influence the way women are viewed in Latin America, but it also helped rise up of women’s right in Latin America. However, the newly independent of Latin American citizens were not yet given full rights, including the women. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the suffragette movement began to break out in all over the world due to European and American influence. Women in Latin America were suppressed, and they had enough of it. They sought greater personal freedom, opportunities, and equal rights between both sexes. In this essay, I argue that women in Latin America did not have any rights, which made them sympathetic and want to follow women suffrage ideas from the United States and Europe that was already happening. The Suffragette movement
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