Word Of Mouth Marketing Research Paper

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The first article is about Effect of Word of Mouth on Consumer Behaviour this shows the effect of word of mouth marketing on the buying behaviour of the consumers. The closed members of the family are the decision influencer. The negative word of mouth has more impact than the positive. The word of mouth is exposed to the frequency and types of consumer behaviour, its impact on the social relationships and effect on the product evaluation. The negative word of mouth can have undesirable effects but the positive word of mouth can have magical effect on the sales of products and services. A good Viral marketing makes every customer a salesperson. The effective word of mouth marketing connects with the influencer and trendsetters who generates…show more content…
This article shows the most effective form of word-of-mouth marketing. This article indicates that the both traditional and online is influencing the attitudes and predicted the purchasing behaviour of the consumers. The advantage of word of mouth in comparison to the traditional method. This not only reduces the time of the consumers’ needs to obtain the necessary information. The word of mouth provides authenticity, openness and credibility. The modern communication mix cannot be imagined without word of mouth…show more content…
The increasing use of e-communication will play a larger role. The consumer Word of mouth is the informal communication be it positive and negative between consumers.
The eighth article is on Mobile word-of- mouth, the article tells about the no. of determinants influencing the behaviour in mobile viral processes and presented. The purpose is to better understand the motivations behind a consumer’s decision to engage in mobile viral marketing strategies. The mobile viral marketing with respect to consumers and his social network, decomposing the mobile viral effect and identifying usage and forwarding of mobile viral content.
The ninth article is on Word of Mouth and Interpersonal Communication, the article tells about interpersonal communication as word of mouth is directed at other consumer about ownership. The word of mouth includes product related discussions, related content, and also includes literal word of mouth, or face to face discussions. Word of mouth has huge impact on the consumer behaviour, it is clear and less known to intervening behavioural processes. Word of mouth informs people that the product and behaviour
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