Effects Of Xenophobia In India

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India is a well-known country for its excellence and achievement and its growing economy as well as its large and rapidly growing population. India is aware that it is known as one of the most racist and xenophobic countries. India citizens and population has been brought up and taught to a very raciest and sexiest culture; a child born in the Indian family is taught to worship anyone with white skin and look down upon anyone with dark skin. Therefore Indian racism was born against African or anyone human with dark skin A professor from the USA stated that this was his main experience in India "India Is Racist, And Happy About It" (Dr. Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons). When entering or coming to visit the country of India, foreigners with white skin are praised and treated like gods, whilst people with dark skin are frowned and mistreated badly. Additionally among Indians, they there are many conflicts between regions of India themselves. This level of Xenophobia in India effects the country, this aspect mostly effects the level of tourism since this decreases the amount of tourists of dark skinned and increases greatly the amount of light skinned tourists in India. Conflicts within the country greatly impact the economical flow within the country. For example in this instance a 19 year old young man was beat to death by couple of shopkeepers for looking different than other Indians. Once of the most intolerable aspects is the Indian Caste system, which literally translate to the

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