Efferson County Case Summary

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efferson County DHR representative’s testimony revealed that this is the case for the custodial parent (CP), Donna W. Hare, and the non-custodial parent (NCP), Donald P. Bozeman. The CP made an application for services on March 6, 1992. The CP provided DHR with the divorce order with the final judgement dated November 1980. DHR completed a spreadsheet from the payments that the CP provided. This information was submitted to the NCP with the calculations of $25.00 weekly; payments of $100.00 and $300.00 received. In 1981, DHR received no payments from the NCP. In November 1994, DHR began to receive the payments starting with $1,000.00, $300.00, and sometimes $600.00 a month. In October 1997, the current child support ended when the child reached emancipation. At the present, the balances owed are arrears $13,516.67 and interest $34,451.69.
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On a Saturday morning in February, while reviewing the credit report, Child Support was listed as a debt. On the following Monday morning, the NCP stated he contacted DHR and spoke with a child support caseworker. In April 2015, the NCP stated he received the first statement showing he owed $31,539.00 for child support with a coupon to pay $25.00 a week. The NCP stated at that time, he requested an administrative hearing, which he was granted. Mr. Bozeman stated he had received an income withholding order, but no other information was received until now. He stated he located some cancelled checks showing that he paid child support, but does not have all the checks to verified that he paid child support to the CP; the CP never informed DHR that she received money from him. The NCP produced an court order from 1994; he stated everything back

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