Efren's Dialectical Journal

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After we said our goodbyes, I left Sam and Carolyn at the restaurant and went back to Efren’s Livery. Hey there; Big Jake I called. He came bounding around the corner wagging that stump of a tail. Boy did you miss me, I asked? Of course he did; Efren said coming up behind. He lies by the door and keeps watch for you. I’m still gonna get me one of them Boomyehs or Boomerneighs or whatever you call them. I laughed out loud and Big Jake started barking at both of us. It’s Bouvier I corrected.

Efren I need something you may be able to help me with. What might that be asked Efren? I need me a horse. Well, ain 't that just a hoot? I happen to know where there might be a few for sale he laughed. Not just any horse; Efren I said, but one
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Well, I don’t know which one you would pick, but I know which one Big Jake would pick. What do you mean by that; I said? Well, every time you go off and leave him, he’s been playing with that stallion I got out back. He’s a Buckskin tough as leather and mean as that dog of yours. Won’t let nobody near him cept me and Big Jake. Well then let’s take a look see I said. We walked out to the corral in the back and I looked at the most muscled horse I had ever seen. He was large by most horse standards 19 hands high and shiny. His eyes told the story right off. He was too smart for his own good. I walked up to him and he came over snorting and pawing and carrying on like he was the toughest thing since black powder. I put out my hand and he tried to snatch it from my arm. Just then Big Jake came over and he settled right down. Came over and nuzzled him. Big Jake licked his face and then tore out into the corral that big horse following him around like he was a dog. Big Jake came back and sat by me. Old tough…show more content…
I opened the door and bell chimed. Walking in I could see Adam with somebody in the back and waited for him to come up front. One minute Sam I need to see who’s here said Adam. Sure said Sam I’ll wait. Adam walked up front and when he saw me a big smile crossed his face. Well, well Big Zach Taylor and Big Jake he said holding out his hand. You look well and so does Big Jake. Come with me I have someone I want you meet. I followed Adam back into his workshop and was introduced to the fellow sitting near his bench. Big Zach meet Samuel Colt he said. Samuel Colt held out his hand and I shook it with enthusiasm. So you’re Big Zach he said I have heard a lot about you. I’ve heard a lot about you to Sir I said. Adam broke in and said oh I almost forgot Big Jake. Samuel looked down and put his hand out toward Big Jake and he lifted his paw. Samuel shook Big Jake’s hand and said nice to meet you Big Jake I’ve heard a lot about you too. After the introductions were over Samuel said you must be back from your trapping expedition Big Zach. How did you do? The expedition was a great success but I didn’t have much to do with it. Oh replied Samuel. When we first got there I and another trapper were attacked by over twenty Blackfoot Indians. He was killed and I had to run for my life. Samuel 's eyebrows lifted and he said I see you made it
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