Egan Counselling Theory

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The Egan skilled helper is a theory of personality development that encourages clients to be active interpreters to the world, exploring their problems and establishing their goals (Egan, 2010). The skilled helper aims to help their clients and develop the skills to solve their current problems that they are facing and the once that can come up in the future (Egan, 2010). It also helps individuals to be aware of their non-verbal communications, According to Egan (2010) he says counsellors need to be active listeners they have to concentrate on their non-verbal communication and verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is the body language which is the reactions and expressions that a person is unaware of and verbal communication is the…show more content…
She says she does not want to hurt her mother’s feelings because that would break her hurt badly. She says its better she keeps her illness to herself because she don’t like it when people feel sorry for her. In this problem I will use the understanding stage of Egan counselling skills. Firstly as a counselor I will make the lady aware of her situation that she needs support from her family and friends. According to the Egan (2010) he says clients fear disorganization this means they fear to self-disclosure because they feel they cannot face what they might find out about themselves, Kate was sick for few months but refused to go to the hospital and find out what was wrong her. She lacks trust, she does not trust anymore about her condition so she feels comfortable when nobody knows about it. As her counselor I would ask her open ended question more for her to tell me more about her family and how she is planning to tell because she saying the other part of her want to tell them but the other part does not want to tell them about her condition. As her counselor I would talk sense in her for her to understand that it is important for her parents to know about her illness. Firstly I would talk about confidentiality that everything we talking about are between me and her and inviting her parents to counselling also with her will be a good idea for her to open up and tell her parents about the
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