Egeus Consent In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Yesterday, at midnight residents of Athens, Lysander and Hermia got caught eloping in the forest by Demetrius. This matter had been taken to Theseus, because Lysander did not have Egeus’s consent to marry his daughter Hermia. Egeus argued that being Hermia’s father he is the only person to make decisions for her which is why Demetrius was given Egeus’s consent to marry Hermia, but she declined to marry him. So, Lysander and Hermia decided to elope at midnight to his aunt’s house far away from Athens. Before they left Hermia told her best-friend Helena, about the elopement who later on told Demetrius. “Her father has chosen Demetrius as her husband. But she refuses to marry him, the only other options I have for her is to become a nun or die,”
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