Egg Drop Activity

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Egg Drop Activity was one of my favorite experience that I was excited to explore in this class. while working on this activity, I had a fun time to cooperate with my classmate, Briana to try different ways to protect the egg. However, I was struggling to layering materials provided to protect the egg because I needed to hold the egg carefully. While exploring with this activity, I learned that from this experience that everybody had different techniques, and they also used diverse materials to protect the egg. Personally, I took a long time to think critically and creatively to make the protection for the egg. I also learned through play that I needed to add more bubble wraps and tissue papers probably to protect the egg. In addition, this activity also fostered my communication skills because I used languages to discuss and design the protection for the egg from breaking when it hit the ground. I learned from my peers that she was very patient to cover the egg by using the bubble wrap, tape, and tissue papers.…show more content…
At that moment, I learned that I needed to add more bubble wraps, and tissue papers while building egg carrier. In addition, I wished I had a chance to try this experience by using different materials to protect the egg from breaking from the high place. When the egg was not survived when it was dropped, I realized that I needed to add more layers to the egg because layering things would offer the protection for the raw egg from the high place. My first idea was I planned to use the thick cardboard to make the box for the raw egg, however I changed my mind after discussing with my peer. The knowledge that I brought to this activity that supported my work on designing the protection for the egg was the more layering the more protection the egg may

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