Egg Project Analysis Paper

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Final Analysis Paper
The egg experiment was a creative way to helping us learn more about the development of children. I really enjoyed this project. I was able to learn a lot and be creative all at once. My child was a girl and I named her Victoria Blake. Victoria was an overall great child although we did experience some bumps in the road. Luckily I chose a great style of parenting in which Victoria and myself could grow and learn in a healthy and positive environment. I also realized that parenting is not such an easy thing and that there are many things that go into helping a child develop and grow. Victoria had some bumps in the road growing up. Victoria had almost gotten off on on the wrong foot because of my job, but I quickly changed
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This was normal, but she began getting a little too independent. She was getting up late at night and making her own snacks. I was a little bothered by this so we talked about a better way to let her be independent. The most shocking of all was when she got into a fight at school. She was punished but we did talk about how violence was never the first way to deal with a situation. I was so happy to see Vicky growing into a young lady. She began wanting to date. I didn’t think she was quite ready being only 14. Maintaining my parenting style we discussed it and set that for a more reasonable age. The last conflict was with Victoria making choices on the things that was more important to her and somehow she decided that friends were more important than doing what I asked her. We came to an understanding that she had to prioritize and try and always make the best decision. I would rate myself a seven out of ten as a parent. I feel that I gave Victoria the best that I had. Being a “new parent” we grew together. Unfortunately Victoria wasn’t able to join me for her last day in my class because she was not feeling good. So I let her stay at home with my mom who did a very good job looking after her. I think that I did a great job in helping her develop into a great young
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