Eggers Concept Of Secrets Essay

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Every day humans have incredible experiences. It is no secret that without close connections to others, these miracles might not exist, and each person’s life would not be the same. No two people have the same exact morals, values, beliefs, or experiences. This is what makes each human unique. While some might argue or disagree with others on which set of ideals is better, they each teach different and important knowledge. Learning from other’s wisdom is how society grows and flourishes. On Mae’s journey she runs into many influential characters, one being Eamon Bailey. Throughout the book, Eggers uses his character to show a distinct contrast between men like Mercer and Ty to Bailey and Francis. Mercer and Ty prefer to be hidden from the…show more content…
Kids are often encouraged to keep secrets with their friends; just as adults ask their close friends to keep their personal opinions or ideals privately with each other. It is very common for parents to keep secrets of each gift they have chosen for their friends and family around the holidays. Holding a secret can give one a feeling of worth and value, but if the promise of privacy is broken it can lead to many negative repercussions. It is all about how carefully the privacy is handled and the trust between the two holders. They are important mementos for each one that holds them. Secrets have been around since life existed, and since it exists to this day there must be an important reason for them. I believe Eggers used secrets in the first point because it is a basic human instinct. It shows how even the most fundamental parts of society are not protected from the Circle. It helps the reader connect fully and sympathize for Mae. At the beginning of the novel Mae keeps many secrets for Kalden, Mercer, her parents, Annie, and even herself. Eggers uses them to keep the reader driving forward, and wanting to know what the importance of them is. Each one she holds back she slowly regrets and becomes paranoid by them. This is because Bailey convinces Mae that all secrets are lies. During the public interview Mae explains this logic for him. Eggers uses Mae to lead the crowd because it allows him to
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