Eggnog The Frog Short Story

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Hundreds of frogs’ body parts were scattered across the murky pond. What kind of monster could have done such a thing? The scene displayed seemed inexplicable. Sure, Mouse had complained that life at the pond was monotonous, but he hadn’t wanted… this. It was inhumane; luckily, Detective Mouse Cop was on the case. Life was hard being a mouse, detective, and a cop in this part of the forest, but he managed. Besides, Mouse was vehement about his jobs, despite the dangers of them. He had called in three suspects; Samuel Snake, who had anger issues and is known to transgress. But Samuel had been on vacation with his wife and kids, and had arrived home around the day after. Then, there was Mr. Badger, who had no idea why he was called in. Mr. Badger jumbled up Mouse’s, notes, and wasted his investigation time by talking about his grandkids. Finally, his last suspect walked in: Eggnog the frog.…show more content…
She lived all alone, called her log her own throne and had charisma — sadly she was terrified of lepismas. Eggnog only spoke in rhymes, and was found near the scene of the crime. “What have you called me in for this time?” Eggnog asked, and Mouse stared at the frog in confusion. “This is my first time calling you in, like ever.” Mouse stated, and Eggnog gave him an amicable smile. “I know silly, I’m only teasing. I know what you’re believing. You think I committed the crime, but believe me when I say that’s a lie. It was mister CEO Crow, he’s a killer — and a pro! He’s extremely nefarious, so you better be warious, because he’s out to get you.” Eggnog hummed as she finished, and Mouse stared at her with his beady little eyes. “B-big if true,” Mouse replied and straightened his tie. “But –“ he was about to explain how warious isn’t even a word, but then she interrupted
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