Steak And Eggs Diet Research Paper

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First of all, we all know that Steak and Eggs diet is one of the effective ways to lose any extra weight and become fit. The steak and eggs diet has proved its effectiveness for losing weight and getting fit, many studies has proved that also. You can try to follow it, you will know the difference before Steak, Eggs diet, after steak and eggs diet.

Who is Vince Girounda?
• He is the man who created the “Steak and Eggs Diet” and he trained Arnold and Larry Scott.

What is Steak and Eggs Diet?
• Steak and Eggs diet is one of the most Effective ways to lose weight and be fit.
• Steak and Eggs diet is the best way to build up your body and as an example, Vince Gironda builds his body and gets amazing muscles in his 40’s only by eating the Steak
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Why You Should Go On Steak And Eggs Diet?
• It’ll make you lose weight quickly.
• Steak and Eggs diet gives you a good body.
• Vince Gironda was one who popularized Steak and Eggs Diet.

Diet Plan
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
You will have two meals per day and they are identical “Breakfast and Dinner”
The breakfast should be in the morning and it may be at 10 -11 am if you would like. You will eat 4-6 eggs cooked in any way you want and from 3/4 lb to 1 ½ pounds of steak.
The Dinner Should be at 5 pm and it is the same as the breakfast.

• Friday
You will eat the same Diet with addition to get any kinds of nuts.
• Weekend
You can make a day to break all the rules, Saturday or Sunday, on which you can eat three meals per day.
One of the meals is the same as the steak and eggs meal. The other two meals you can eat anything you want to eat.
The rest of the day, you can eat anything you want to do. This day is the best day that helps you, encourage you to go on, complete this competition, beat your own fears, losing weight and being
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In short terms – the steak and eggs diet Helps to count every calorie you will eat.
Disadvantages of Steak and Eggs Diet
• You will eat the same meal every day Except one day a week.
• Constipation
• depletion of bodily electrolytes
• shedding a lot quantity of water from our bodies
Advantages of Steak and Eggs Diet
• You will lose massive weight and be fit very fast.
• Enormous water drop.
• Lower blood pressure.
• Increasing mental focus and Alertness.
Summary of Venice Girounda Diet “Steak and Eggs Diet”,
The Vince Gironda diet “steak and eggs diet” works with all kinds of people. Many people have done it many times before, and a lot of them continue to lose overweight. Whenever they need to lose overweight or build muscles, they go on this spectacular diet.
This Article just shows you how Steak and Eggs Diet works and that’s so Simple.
In this life, you must fight for your goals and never look back, until you get to your goals. The feeling of success you will feel after keeping in a fight and achieving your

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