Eglantine In The Guardians

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I wonder if this series of books will ever end with The Guardians conquering the evil Pure Ones. The past few books have identified who started the evil group and it has been constant battle. I would like to see good prevail and the owls that have had rough lives find some peace. I am surprised that Eglantine has become so consumed by her will to find her parents. Her character has changed from a mild mannered owl throughout the series. She seems to be more brave in this book than in the others. She is still a young owl but seems to be growing up quickly. I noticed that Kludd never appeared in this book. Kludd has been the most feared owl up until this point. His nickname is Metal Beak because he wears a metal mask. In book 3, The Siege, Kludd fought Soren and his beak was lost in a fire. Nyra, Kludd’s mate, took his place in…show more content…
This means that Eglantine has been exposed to flex which allows the evil owls to take control of her mind and navigate her. Primrose was the first to recognize this and followed her to be sure she was safe. They ended up being kidnapped but escaped with the leadership of Primrose. They had a failed attempt to capture Nyra’s egg in the escape. Kathryn Lasky wrote this book for entertainment purposes. As it is in a series, I would imagine that people have continued to ask her for follow up books. I continue to learn that the owls in this book are like people and have strong needs to connect with their families. It also taught me to speak up when something important is on your mind. Eglantine kept things to herself when she could have easily sought help from her friends. This book seems to be written for both middle schoolers and high schoolers. The word choices are intermediate and it is easy to follow the story lines from book to book. The owls are also child like at times and it is easy for youth to relate to
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