Egle Queen Of Serpent Analysis

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Egle Queen of Serpents 1. Artist, title, type of artwork (painting, sculpture, print, drawing, etc.) Arvydas Algminas, Egle Queen of Serpents, Panting. 2. Briefly, discuss the history of the artwork you selected. (1 paragraph) This title has two different names one called Egle Queen of Serpents and the other Egle Queen of Grass Snakes. Egle is a well-known female name. There are Lithuanian fairy tales that are highly rated of the Baltic mythology. Egle is also a noun meaning spruce. There is a statue in Glebe Park, Civic Canberra Australia. The serpents are grass snakes that are known to live under the water artwork. 3. What is the subject matter of the work? (Religious, mythological, historical, daily life etc.) The subject matter of Egle is…show more content…
Is the work representational, abstract or non-objective? Explain. Representational work, you have stars in the sky, a moon plants and tree in the background which are in the real world. Egle could be a lady snake charmer. 9. Which traditional role of an artist can best describe the piece? Why? The Lithuanian mythology and folk tale. The love behind this artwork is a Baltic folk tale. 10.Disuss which (3) elements and (3) principles of design exist within the work of art. The first element is color. They use intermediate colors to create the landscape and her clothing. The second element is texture. The snakes may look hard but by touch they may be soft and smooth. The third element is space. In this piece there is a sky space, background space and water space. The first principle is balance. The artwork has color space and texture which makes the design feel stable. The second principle is movement. The snake looks as if its moving all around her body. Which is also in the focal area. The third principle is the pattern. There is pattern of point the crown on the snake’s The third element is space. In this piece there is a sky space, background space and water
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