Ego-Tripping Poem Analysis

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In the poem “Ego-Tripping” by Nikki Giovanni, she normalizes her worth by continuing to royalist herself as a black woman who is essential to mankind. Giovanni creates a vision throughout the poem, which leaves a thought in mind of how woman should look at themselves with much confidence as Giovanni does. “Ego Tripping” was written by Yolande Cornelia “Nikki” Giovanni, Jr. who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on June 7, 1943. G9iovanni is a writer, poet, activist, and educator whose work was influenced during the Black Power Movements and the Civil Rights Movement. The poem was released in 2002. Her work provided a strong, militant yet African-American feel that was manifested through her writing. Giovanni work includes variety of topics ranging from race and social issues to children literature. She is considered one of the world well-known poets, within the African-American community. Furthermore, go trip is something that is undertaken in order to draw attention to a person’s own image or appraisal to him or herself. This is done strictly to satisfy one’s…show more content…
She reflects on her surrounding, in all its naturalness; making analogies to herself, commonly as a natural resource that is at its most prized possession. Moreover, the author continues to compare herself to semi-precious jewels and resources that are useful within her life. This suggests that she considers herself a valuable possession on Earth. For example, “I caught a cold and blew my nose giving oil to the Arab world.” Oil is considered a prized possession in the Arabian area. Oil is a natural resource that is very valuable, by Giovanni giving the analogy that she is able to create a natural resource purely, creates the imagery that she knows that the most disposable part of her is useful, as well to create a coveted product essential to
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