Egocentricism In Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Traditionally egocentricism theory has been the source of intuition for describing many characteristics of adolescent behavior. According to Elkind (1967), differential failure or egocentricism is the distinguishing failure of an adolescent to correctly conclude nature of object from another’s attention. Egocentricism occurs as a result of formal operational stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development because adolescents cannot differentiate oneself thoughts, ideas and beliefs from others. Egocentricism exists in young children (Jean Piaget 1896-1980).Young adolescents falsify reality in an abundance of assimilation of cognitive activity overcoming the actual and real with the possible and ideal (Lapsley, in press a).Adolescents egocentricism…show more content…
Psychologist used the term parenting style to explain that how children are reared by the parents through discipline, behavior and techniques which are used to influence the children’s behavior (Kordi & Baharudin, 2010).in between first or second year of child’s life the parenting style is formed depends upon the parents way of treating the child and provide best things required for the child (Terry, 2004).instead of using a particular behavior to determine child’s future general parenting style is more beneficial (Terry,2004).Two components of parenting styles are drained from the Baumrind’s research control or demandingness and child centered or responsiveness (Baumrind, as cited in Klein, O’ Bryant & Hopkins,1996).Parental responsiveness leads towards the warmth and support received by the child and demandingness refers behavioral control (Terry, 2004). Parenting styles are responsible for the characteristics and conduct of the children (Blondin & Cochran, 2011). Three extensions of parenting…show more content…
Likewise, study conducted on Asian adolescents by Ang (2006) concluded that authoritative father provides strength to their adolescent’s self reliance in the problem solving, coping and hard work in achieving academic goals. A child centered approach characterizes authoritative parenting hold

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