Egotistic Masculinity In Ed Lowe Was Dying

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Ed and Ches both embody traditional masculinity as seen through their rash and bravado-driven actions. As Ed hears of a fight amongst men he does not know, his ego quickly causes him to intervene and fight three men on his own. As the men agree to his challenge, “three Tollivers were down and dead, and Ed Lowe was dying”, (44) an indication of the horrific outcomes of egotistic masculinity as it was Ed’s ego and his reckless challenge that caused his death. Even after being shot, Ed’s ego maintains control over him as he states, “‘We got ‘em. […] we sure did. But they got me’” (44). This shocking statement demonstrates Ed’s level of self-absorbance, but also leads to great rouble. Although he soon realized that he has left his wife and chidren,
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