Egypt And Greek Comparison Essay

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Egypt and Greece are two of the oldest civilizations in our history and many similarities and differences exist between the two civilizations. They were located in two different areas and were subject to different kinds of exposure such as various types of cultures and contact with other civilizations. Their geography is the main reason these two civilizations are so diverse. Each had access to things the other might not have had access to or vice versa. A few differences include their religious beliefs, how they organized their governments, and their cultural contributions to later societies. First and foremost, the Pharaoh was the supreme leader of the government and religion who ruled Egypt. The Pharaoh had a hierarchy of rulers and leaders…show more content…
Egyptians believed in over 700 gods, which is known as polytheism. Two of the most important ones were Amon-Ra and Osiris. Amon-Ra represented the natural life on earth. Osiris was related to the more spiritual and social life on earth and in the afterworld. Isis was the wife of Osiris who gave women the rights in marriage such as the ability to divorce or remarry and even inherit property. By believing the body and soul were separate entities, this resulted in the practice for mummification. It was a means to preserve the earthly body for eternity while the soul was freed into the afterworld. The Greeks had a different view on religion. They believed in gods and goddesses who controlled nature and were able to guide their lives. The Greeks built statues, monuments, and buildings in honor of them. Stories were told about the gods called myths. No god was considered to be all-powerful, but they were believed to have special powers. The twelve most important gods and goddesses lived on the highest mountain in Greece, known as Mount Olympus. Each were represented by a certain animal or object. The Olympics were held to honor the king of all gods, Zeus. All in all, the Greeks believed in fate and
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