Egypt Informative Speech

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Close your eyes, and imagine that you can travel through time. That would be great! You could go so many places and learn so much. You could learn about dinosaurs or even World War II. But I have a better idea. Let’s learn about ancient Egyptians and how they got around. Not just how they walked next door, or even how they walked into town. I’m going to tell you about the type of transportation they used to travel 1000 miles, trade goods, and even evacuate the city if something happened. Hi, I’m Ashtyn Barton, and I will take you back through time. So sit back while I take you back through time to learn about how ancient Egyptians got around and how people from ancient China got around.

Long ago, in ancient times, there were no cars or
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War. They were good for war because horses pulled them (most of the time) and, with a person on it, could go about 25 mph. Both cultures used a lot of the same means of transportation like bicycles and different types of animals. A couple of the different types of animals that they used were donkeys, mules, oxen, camels, and horses. Both cultures of people also used (and still use) boats to travel around. The only difference is that all of the boats in Egypt were made of papyrus and the others were not. Overall, camels were the most popular animal use of transportation because they could go weeks without food or water, and they were actually pretty comfortable. In both cultures, oxen were used for trade because you could pull a wagon behind them and they could carry a wagon full of goods for…show more content…
Both cultures also used ferries, but the Egyptians used papyrus boats and paddles, while China used boats made of wood with wooden paddles. Another source of transportation that they both used was chariots pulled by horses. Chariots were used for war purposes. Horses would pull the chariots because horses are strong and fast. Donkeys were used more than horses in ancient times in both civilizations because they could both carry heavy loads and they were both very strong, but donkeys were a lot cheaper because there were a lot more of them than horses. Donkeys, mules, and horses were known as beasts of burden because they were tall and
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