Egypt River Civilizations

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The river civilizations of Egypt had many ranks in their social classes. The most powerful classes of them were the pharaoh's and government leaders, or the Grand Vizier, nomarchs, and priests. Then came the soldiers and scribes. Below these classes were the merchants and artisans. The lowest of them all are the farmers and slaves. The higher up you get in the classes, the fewer people there will be. For example, there is almost always one pharaoh, but there are many, many slaves in Egypt. You also get more and more power as you went up the classes. In Egypt, men had the most power, and they were also the head of families. Egyptians communicated my writing in hieroglyphics and hieratic. Hieroglyphics is the form of Egyptian writing…show more content…
They usually make enough food for everyone, which frees up time for them to work on other projects, like building cities and temples. In Egypt, a pharaoh holds both religious and political power. Egyptian power was based unified state. It is also based on Egyptian religion and beliefs. Power was not based on elections. Pharaohs were born into power. Egyptians didn't have any complicated set of law and statutes. Instead, judges ruled a case by using common sense in an effort to come out with an agreement. There were also some wars that the Egyptians fought. One of the major ones is the Battle of Kadesh. The Treaty of Kadesh was the first treaty in history. It was the treaty that ended the Battle of Kadesh. Egyptians practiced polytheism, which means that they believe in many different gods and goddesses, like Osiris, Horus, and Thoth. People had to live under the laws of their gods and religion. Egyptians believe that when someone dies, their spirit goes to the next world, which is pretty much Egyptian heaven. They think that the spirit of the person goes to the next world in the day, and returns to their body a night. However, the spirit needs to recognize the body when it comes back at night. If it doesn't, then it dies. That's why Egyptians mummified dead bodies. When dead bodies were mummified, they would be preserved forever. The richer you were, the more advanced the mummification would be. They also consider…show more content…
They one of the few groups of people in Egypt that were given the chance to become educated. They learned hieroglyphics in scribe school. It took them a long time to learn that. Most other people gain knowledge from others, or they discover new things themselves. They get new ideas, which help Egypt prosper and flourish. Some ideas were the building in very different ways, inventing new tools, and making Egypt a better country. For instance, building pyramids were the great idea of the genius Imhotep, who was one of the chief officials of Pharaoh Djoser. He had to make the pyramids very precise, so he used math and science to make the perfect pyramid and align the pyramid with the stars. Egyptians also produced a lot of different art forms. They drew on paper made from papyrus, which the Egyptians were the first to make. They are made statues, obelisks etc. Egyptian philosophy was based on Egyptian
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