Egypt Vs Mesopotamia Essay

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Mesopotamia and Egypt were two of the first civilizations to emerge along the banks of large rivers. Ancient Egypt civilization was said to be around 3000 BC-2000 BC, while Mesopotamia 's civilization was around 3500 BC-1600 BC. During this time was the Aegean Bronze Age, where trade network, desire to conquer, imperialism and tool and weapon making was important. Egypt and Mesopotamia shared similar social structure, culture, and polytheistic views that were connected to their surrounding geography, although differences in their geography led to varying understanding on the nature of gods and the afterlife. Mesopotamia and Egypt had similar polytheistic views, which means believing in many gods. Mesopotamian gods had powers over natural forces and human activities. Mesopotamians would build ziggurats, which is where their gods would live, these ziggurats were similar to the pyramids. The Egyptians had a large quantity…show more content…
At the top was the Pharaohs/kings which were the most powerful than government official, priests and soldiers. The middle contained teachers, merchants, farmers, and craftsman. At the bottom is the slaves and peasants. woman in both civilizations could freely handle legal issues, own property, and start their own business. Mesopotamia and egypt had different nature of gods and afterlife. Mesopotamians saw afterlife as a gloomy Netherland controlled by the god of the underworld whose name is Nergal. The Egyptians thought afterlife will be a happy place and just continue life on earth. Maybe a reason Mesopotamians thought afterlife will be so dreadful might have been that they were over thrown countless times. Mesopotamia and egypt were two civilizations that were similar in some ways, that also made them different. Much like egypt, Mesopotamia had polytheistic beliefs, the only difference was that pharaohs weren 't actually gods. Mesopotamia and egypt had likeness in social structure and
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