Egypt Vs Mesopotamia

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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq, were two civilizations that shaped the way with regards to the religious, public works, and government aspects of our lives. They showed how to act in order to be successful. Many of the acts that were performed in ancient times are still done today. There are many aspects that go into a civilization, but the three that were really significant in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and different Mesopotamian civilizations were the similarities and differences between the religious, public works, and governmental aspects. When archeologists look at two different civilizations they often use the skill of comparison. This is a skill that is used to see how these given civilizations thrived or failed. Egypt and…show more content…
The Egyptians and Babylonians both had their own beliefs of creation and the afterlife,but in many ways they exhibited the same general belief of what happens when they die and how everything happened. When it comes to the afterlife the egyptians had a harsh judgement on the civilians when they past away to see how they would continue. The
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