Egyptian Architecture Research Paper

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Egyptian Design
Egyptian Architecture - Egypt is very rich in stone, especially in limestone. While most Egyptian buildings were composed of sun- baked bricks of Nile clay, the material chosen for monumental buildings was stone.

Egyptian architecture has mainly flat exterior walls, either vertical or slightly sloping and flat roofs. Egyptian buildings often feature post- and-beam construction (a roof supported by columns) as opposed to arched construction (a roof supported by arches).

Egyptian Columns - Egyptian column capitals developed in a variety of floral designs, notably papyrus and lotus. Indeed, the Egyptians were the first to build stone columns. It was from Egypt that Greece adopted stone columns, as well as floral capital. Picture Picture
Egyptian Furniture - For most of the people in the lower classes the most common piece of furniture was a three or four legged low stool covered by leather or wool. The cheapest stools had frames made of reeds, since wood was very expensive. Seats were made of woven rushes like the wicker furniture of today. Stools with three flared legs and a shaped wooden seat were commonly used by artisans. Almost everything was done on the floor, from writing to meal preparations. People sat on the ground on reed mats, pillows or on low stools. Common Egyptians slept on
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Their architecture is divided into several styles. The Domestic architecture and the Public architecture. The Romans fell under the influence of Ancient Greek civilisation, borrowing what they liked and innovating and improving on what they could. The main difference is that the Romans used arched constructions in their buildings - where the roof sits on arches. The Romans were known for arches and dome in architecture. The most famous Roman architecture is the triumphal arch. It is a free standing archway which often features sculptures, reliefs or

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