Egyptian Culture And Beliefs During Ancient Egypt

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The life of an Egyptian during ancient Egypt was very complicated and advanced for their time period. The Egyptians had to harness their surroundings in order to survive. The Egyptian gods played a major role in the creation of the religion of the Egyptians. The Egyptians had very unique forms of art that contributed to their culture and beliefs. The ancient Egyptians were a very intelligent and resourceful civilization that helped with the advancement of the world. The Egyptians were a very powerful and strong empire. Egypt is located by the Nile river and the Sahara desert. Consequently the Nile provided supplies and the Sahara gave protection from enemies. The Nile’s flooding was simple to predict so people did not worry about drought or floods. The Egyptians had many different tools to control the Nile. Additionally the Egyptians had a special way of writing called hieroglyphics. To manage villages and cities a government was established. As a result a man named Narmer united different parts of Egypt and his work was passed down through family. Egypt was split into different social classes…show more content…
The Egyptians felt very strongly towards their gods. They created many stories and legends about them, to illustrate, the legend of Osiris and Isis is important to the people. Consequently, the afterlife was and many other events were explained in many of their legends. Another activity that shows Egyptian religion is how they created amulets. These amulets were supposed to ward of evil and to promote good luck. The amulets show everyday activities that are important to their culture. For example, there is an amulet of Horus one of their many gods. The Egyptians had many explanations for natural events in the world. They made stories to explain events they did not understand. Also they show their culture and beliefs. The Egyptian amulets helped the people feel safe and
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