Egyptian Hymn To The Nile

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Historical Document Journal Topic One:
An Egyptian Hymn To The Nile

The Egyptians believed that the Nile river is what started the Egyptian civilization. They also believed that the good of the Nile river provide them with the necessities they need to survive. They wrote an hymn to the river to show how grateful they to the river. The hymn starts of by giving praise to the Nile and thank the river for being water to the land. They thank Re or the sun god for being light to the land and providing the cattle with energy to survive. Keb or the earth god was the good who was over the corn god. Ptah, created all the tool that the Egyptians, but he or she had to have help from the Nile.

When the Nile flood the land it 's destroy everything in its path. The Egyptian also had to rebuild their home after the flood destroyed them. The Egyptian provide sacrifice to the God of the Nile to keep it happy. He does not have a statue in his honor, but he is still praised. The Nile does not require you to make sacrifice to him. All of the people of the land rejoice when he bring water to the land. Also, the flower, plant and people flourish when you flow through the town. The Nile is the greatest gift that anyone can ask for.

Historical Document Journal Topic Two:
Apology By Plato

Socrates is telling us that the speeches of his accusers, made the people believe he was guilty. The false statement that the people made Socrates revised his thought on

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