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Egyptian Mau

Origin: The Egyptian mau is believed to have originated from Egypt and is an ancestor of the African wildcat.
The Egyptian mau is an elegant feline breed that has natural black or grey spots that had not been created or designed by humans. The Egyptian mau’s coat ranges in colour from silver, bronze, smoke and black. Their fur is unique as the spots are only part of the tips of the fur and are not seen underneath when the fur is moved around. This breed is also known for its wide ears which gives it a look of always being alert, their large deep green eyes and a natural black eyeliner around both eyes. Another unique physical quality for this breed is the skin flap from their mid abdomen to their high knee which assists in giving them cheetah like qualities in both speed and agility. Both adult males and females range from weights of 8-12 pounds.
Distinctive Characteristics: The Egyptian mau may appeal to some owners for their intelligence, high energy and loyalty. Another appealing factor for some owners is the moderate shedding and grooming that this breed requires as
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Origin: The toy fox terrier originated from the United States.
The toy fox terrier is a devoted family dog that enjoys to spend time with their owner. This breed also comes from a line of hunting terriers and will occupy their time exploring the outdoors or inside the house. They were once used to hunt small mammals as they could fit into many tight corners.
The toy fox terrier is small dog that stands at an average height of 8.5-11 inches at the shoulders, for both adult males and females. They also weigh an average of 3-7 pounds. This breed has a short smooth coat that is often tri-coloured, with colours ranging from black, white, brown and tan. They have big bat like ears, natural stub tail and long skinny legs.

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