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Sarton depicts the ideology of ancient Egypt medicine very well. He states that the Egyptians based their practices off of spirits, meaning if you were sick you had an evil spirit trapped inside you. To feel better, the Egyptians would feed the individual foul smelling and tasting remedies, making the spirit leave the said body. Overall Sarton explained the way Egyptians practiced medicine very well.
Bear, Brittany. "Egyptian Medicine." Egyptian Medicine. Web. 22 Sept. 2014. In "Egyptian Medicine", Bear describes the specific ideology of the medicine used to treat patients. Honey, milk, and herbal remedies were used constantly for things like throat irritations and respiratory problems. Also, head injuries were often treated by trepanning,
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It is said that the doctors studied practical cases and documented everything very extensively. The doctors also had basic knowledge of how organs functioned within the body. Patients of dentists would have drilling done to drain abscessed teeth, and were filled using cement. They also used gold wire to bind loose teeth, and treated gum disease with antiseptic herbs. Ucre, Malady A. "Tour Egypt :: Egypt: Ancient Egypt Medical Care." Egypt: Ancient Egypt Medical Care. Web. 22 Sept. 2014. Ucre does a wonderful job in her document at describing the specific job the doctors in ancient Egypt had. She explains the hierarchy of the doctors as senior, inspectors, overseers, and masters. There were also the 'Chief of Physicians of the South and the North', which is explained as a minister of health. All doctors specialized in a specific topic and had exemplary skills in the said category. Overall I am very impressed with the given information from Ucre.
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Filer, Joyce M. "Health Hazards and Cures in Ancient Egypt." History. BBC, 17 Feb. 2011. Web. 17 Sept.
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She describes the Egyptians as extremely violent as many skeletons depict signs of head injury due to violent outbursts. Injuries to the femur caused by constantly walking barefoot were common as well. Filer does a very good job at providing detail to the specific injuries described.
Goodman, Amanda R. "Infectious Disease in Ancient Egypt." Infectious Disease in Ancient Egypt. Amanda Goodman. Web. 17 Sept. 2014. Goodman also made many interesting points about the illnesses and diseases throughout ancient Egypt. She states that the plague, polio, influenza, and smallpox were all very common due to their agricultural system. Also, living by the Nile river caused a very big problem due to overflow occasionally occurring creating stagnant water in irrigation canals. Overall, Goodman had extremely important statements about the illnesses and injuries throughout ancient Egypt.
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