Egyptian Mummification Of Death And Afterlife

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An example of Egyptians valuing death/ and afterlife is that they made pyramids for their Pharaohs when they die and mummified them for the after life. In the article, “Tombs” it said, “These monumental pyramids built for the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure housed the royal mummies and their worldly effects thought to protect and be used by the kings in their afterlife,” (Staff ). The Egyptians had many beliefs about afterlife. They believed that when you die a part your soul continues on, so they built pyramids to protect the Pharaoh and other royals. They also used mummification to harness their body. Not only were the Pharaohs body being mummified but other royals and non royals. In their tombs they also ket valuable possessions. “To
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