Egyptian Mummification Thesis

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Ancient Egypt Paper - Mummification
Aaron Tian

Introduction Sentence
When asked to recall what comes to the mind when thinking of Ancient Egypt, many respond with one word: “mummies”. The image of a slowly decaying corpse wrapped in white linen has become a popular icon representing the culture of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.
Background Information
Anyone had the right to be mummified.
Several steps in mummification process.
Mummies took several months to complete.
Spells and rituals done in many different places throughout mummification.
Thesis Statement
The complexity of the Egyptians’ burial procedures may suggest an obsession with death. Indeed, the Egyptians put much thought into the way they would be buried, but these thoughts are tied more to religious beliefs like a second life after death, rather than death itself.
Paragraph 2 - Early Mummies
Introduction sentence (Transition)
Ancient Egyptian mummies weren’t always wrapped wrapped in linen and placed in golden sarcophaguses.
First Egyptian mummies were created unintentionally.
Background Information
Bacteria is the main cause of decay.
Main Information
First Egyptians buried the dead underneath the sand.
“The Egyptians hoped that in some magical way the dead were not really dead. Perhaps their spirits lay beneath the sand along with their limp, unclothed bodies.” (Perl)
Hot sand absorbed water in the bodies.
Skin & organs dried out.
Body could no longer
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