Egyptian Pottery Research Paper

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The Importance of Egyptian Pottery

The Egyptians were one of the first in the world to manufacture pottery, for they had an advanced civilisation that vastly relied on farming. Historians believed that the creation of pottery was for storing grains, water, cooking foods and other nutritional meals. The Egyptians were highly fond of artistry, and used the art of pottery to reflect on their innovation and ingenuity. Regarding that the Egyptians resided near the Nile, this thus then allowed the area to be highly abundant in clay, resulting in the recurrent use of this material for pots.

Amidst the early beginnings of the production of Egyptian pottery, the designs were rather bland and basic. The Egyptians would coil several strands of clay
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The Egyptians thus then placed their pots within ovens of an extremely high temperature. The end result allowed their works of art to possess an elegant and more alluring finish. The most prevalent colours that were used for pottery included blue, red and black.

The quality and purpose of pottery varied vastly based on one’s social class in Ancient Egypt. An example of this can include as to how the pots that were manufactured at the most beautiful and efficient level of longevity and design were created for those that had occupations within the government, or the Pharaoh himself. The underprivileged used pottery to create a large range of toys and items for entertainment. Regarding that the impecunious were incapable of purchasing items for elaborate burials, the art and use of pottery was frequently utilised as a substitute for burial coffins.

Overall, the existence of pottery itself has vastly affected the culture and practises of the Ancient Egyptians. It revolutionised and allowed the Egyptians to develop even more solid and stronger skills within the creative arts and technology itself. The utilisation of pottery allowed the civilians to easily carry a larger amount of substances and to further enhance their productivity within their daily

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