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Ancient Egyptian pyramids have puzzled engineers for centuries. It is evident that the Egyptians had to develop new tools, skills, and knowledge to build the pyramids. One of the first steps in the building process was to cut the stones used to build the pyramids, which involved multiple tools and techniques. Once the stones were cut, they had to be transported long distances to the building site. The pyramids were then built using techniques, such as those mentioned in John-Pierre Houdin’s theory. These advancements led the pyramids to be the most successful Egyptian achievement.
Before they started building, the Egyptians first needed to cut the stones. The stones needed to be cut quite precisely to ensure that they fit together.
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His theory, developed around 1999, proclaims the stones moved through the pyramid using spiraling internal ramps. (Houdin) The ramps had a slope around seven percent - small enough for men to be able to pull the stones. Houdin 's theory also addresses the problem having the workers turn a corner with the stones. If the ramp has perfect corners with the men standing a fair amount ahead of the stone, the men have no where to stand to pull the stone so it can make the turn. Houdin 's theory explains that the corners were cut out so the men can continue to walk in front of the stone to turn the corner. Houdin 's theory is supported by multiple studies and calculations. In 1980, France did many precise studies on the pyramids. During their studies, they encountered a mysterious microgravimetry picture (shown below). Since they did not know what to make of the picture, it was not published with their research report in 1980. Years later when the French researchers encountered Houdin’s theory, they showed him the picture and it perfectly supported his theory. Houdin recreated the ramp system using advanced three-dimensional software. He found that the ramp did not go through the queen’s chamber, the grand gallery, or the king’s burial chamber (all placed within Khufu’s pyramid). (National Geographic) Another piece of…show more content…
Egyptian pyramids were no simple matter. First, the Egyptians had to cut the stones used to build the pyramids. Next, the Egyptians needed to transport the stones, which definitely was not an easy task! Finally, the pyramids were built using techniques such as those described in John-Pierre Houdin 's theory. Of the many theories developed by pyramid enthusiasts, humans may never know what really happened thousands of years ago. What is known for certain is the pyramids were an astounding achievement for the Egyptians, resulting in being named one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient

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