Egyptian Women In Egypt

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Being an “Egyptian” is a common answer to someone asking about your nationality, but what does that word really mean is way more than a written label in our passports. It is more like a feeling we have toward our nation and toward each other; in addition, it many different things we Egyptian find them in common between us, and it came as a result of different events that happened in the past. Some of these events are related to the historical incidents and the foreign political power that was over Egypt. On the other hand, the other events are related to the local interests such as public festivals, theaters, music, films and food industries. All of these aspects had slowly affected “our feeling of being an Egyptian” and our relationship with…show more content…
It goes back to when Egypt started to have more importance for women and give them more chances than before. The position of the Egyptian women in 19th century was explained as it was the beginning of the feminist rules in the society. One of the cases was discussed by Qasim Amin where he explained that women are the source of their decline and the cause of their ruin. The power of women came to the realization that if Egypt needed to transform its economics and politics, then it requires a transformation of the household. Nowadays, we have more and more famous successful women working in very important fields, for example, a female woman is now a minister in Egypt in addition to aaa other different majors that we can clearly see a woman working there.
Not only the colonized Egypt had affected the shaping of the Egyptian identity, but also the people themselves had a role in shaping it through the festivals they practice, the public colloquial music they used to listen to, the films they produced, and in addition to that, the tradition food that they were famous and well-known for. All of that made Egyptians have some things in common, things that relate them to each other, and relate them to their nation,
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It started long time ago and still continues to be very interesting and entertaining. It always reflects us somehow whenever they criticize or joke around our politics or social life in general. In the beginning, the Franco-Arab plays were performanced, but later on, Egyptians started having their own theater which was concentrating more on the comedia in order to entertain the Egyptian in such a hard time (war), and the content had limited censorship.The comedian plays were mostly using the “ khawaga” way of talking to make people laugh, and it had a role as wel in shaping the image of the foreigners as “others” and Egyptian as “us”. The woman rule was very important at that period, so it was necessary that she was targeted when it comes to plays and also mentioned in the advertisements along with the man. Moreover, the theaters made tuesday afternoons to be exclusively for women to maximize the number of them attending the theater. Later on, we continued to see more and more plays in the theater; for example, one of the most popular and successful hits was and still is Madraset El Moshaghbeen, the one we screened in class. Somehow we could see how Egyptians were thinking and behaving at that time just by watching this
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