Egyptism Changed My Life

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Ever been lost in the world and going through the motions very day? This was me a little less than a year ago. After struggling with life and always feeling empty for so many years, my moment occurred, and it altered my life forever. It all made sense to me, and things began to come together. The defining moment in my life was getting baptized and accepting the Lord as my savior, and many factors contributed baptism and acceptance.
A couple people played a huge role all of this taking place. The first and most important is God, because without Him none of this would have ever happened. Growing up in church, I have always been a Christian and believed in God. When I got to high school, I strayed away from everything I had ever been taught. I fell in the ruts of temptation and stopped going to church, like many people today. Even though I only live a few miles from my church, I would always tell myself, “I am too tired.” Despite all of this God, never gave up on me and still has not to this day. He also placed a certain person in my life,
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I still struggle with sin just as much as the next person and unfortunately still sin as well. The temptations of the world are everywhere, which makes it very easy to fall in them unknowingly, and walking the walk and talking the talk are the last pieces of the puzzle of committing my life to God. The amazing thing is I will always know God still loves me and will always forgive me and be by my side no matter what the situation is. That is the beautiful part of my moment. Also, God has put a lot of wonderful things in my life as well, one of which being the determination for a wonderful job. Now I know I can do anything through Him, so the possibilities are endless. God will always bless me tremendously if I keep my faith in Him. Sometimes I just have to keep my head up, pray, and stay strong. I will always be strong, because I am a child of

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