Eharmony Persuasive Speech

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Welcome to, “where finding love is just a click away”. Please register yourself an account, let us and the eHarmony community get to know you for you. Keep in mind, the more interesting one appears to be; the more date requests they’ll receive. eHarmony is not liable for any or all personnel who aren’t as they appear to be online, please decide on a person using your own discretion. Today’s advancement in technology has not only made connecting with individuals around the world easier, but has also made deception more prominent. Those of us who use the web understand that not every source of material is credible, and just like, in regards to information posted, photos of individuals can also be contorted. For instance, someone posts a picture in front of a 2015 Mercedes-Benz, your automatic thought is “Wow, they have a nice car” or “Wow, they’ve got money” when in actuality, the car isn’t theirs…show more content…
Whether it may be a scam to strip an individual of their credit card information or an act of potential abduction, these people are able to hide behind a computer screen with a smiling profile picture and lure individuals into their entrapment, and given the nativity of the user, it might be too late before they notice they’ve been deceived. A person will never know who is really skulking on the other end of a computer, unless they know that individual personally and even then the truth can be blurred and they’d never know. Through an untrue post on Facebook a predator could appear to be a “friend”, and due to the choices one makes based off their assumptions, because of a deceptive Facebook post, could be the choice between life and death. Unless you are the person of the profile, the intent of a user and their truthfulness will always be

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