Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Analysis

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For me to consider this a challenge would be weird, because I don’t feel like it deserves to be one, knowing that there’s people out there that have life way worse. I don’t like to think of it when I describe myself. This doesn’t define who I am and what I can do as a person, it just adds a little something extra. This all started when I was born, but no one knew until about two years ago, Freshman year. I was going in for a sports physical like I had done before, although this time it was way different. My doctor was asking the usual questions and everything was going well, until he noticed how flexible I was. He then began having me do all sorts of tests that a lot of other people wouldn’t normally be able to do. I was bending my fingers, along with my arms, into very unusual positions. The doctor had also looked at my spine which didn’t make much sense to me until later on. The whole appointment lasted almost two hours, but it was a very educational two hours, because in the end I found out that I not only had Scoliosis, but that I also had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). There are three main types of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and I have the hypermobility type. It’s essentially a problem in your body that doesn’t allow you to produce collagen correctly. Unfortunately that affects the way my…show more content…
It causes an aneurysm in your heart, the aorta specifically, and you’re very likely to die if it actually happens. It can be caused by activities that raise your blood pressure: doing too much physical activity or even having energy drinks. A lot of the symptoms of Marfan’s syndrome were ones I had because it’s related to EDS. There were only a couple of symptoms that I didn’t have, which was pretty scary to know when it came to waiting to hear if I had it or not. Luckily I don’t have it, otherwise my life would be so much
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