Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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Case Study of Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome Introduction This case study is about Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome. [1]Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome is a condition that cause connective tissue that cannot support the skin and it also affect the sign and symptoms of ehlers - Danlos syndrome. The person who has this type of condition (Ehlers - Danlos syndrome) there is a chance that the person can have flexible joints, stretchy, fragile skin which can lead an issue of a wound because the skin cannot heal a wound. [2] It is hard to find out the frequency of Ehlers - Danlos syndrome. The different types of these condition have 1 in 5,000 worldwide. Hypermobility and classical have more effect. There are 1 in 1,000 to 15,000 people who have affected by hypermobility…show more content…
However, the findings of EDS contain laxity and weakness of joints. At the early age, chronic pain develop a joint disease called osteoarthritis. It has elastic skin, fragility skin, blood vessels and membranes. Tissue fragility can affected the people who have experience of bruise, bleeding and wound is not healing properly. Many people who have EDS, the symptoms can happen in childhood. It would depend on a feature at the beginning of birth. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome have a symptoms that has flexible joints because the joint cannot hold from the connective tissue. The skin is stretchy because the connective tissue is weak. You can pull far away from a skin, but it will return to a place as you let go. Fragile skin can cause the skin to damage which would not make a skin to heal. The wound can close by using the stitches but a skin will split and leave a scar to be gap. These scars are thin and crinkly [5]. Symptom can pass a person to another. People who have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome would have a skin symptoms. The symptoms of EDS can affect people to walk and movements of the body. The suggestion is that people can work or move about by using a stick and wheelchair. Some people find it difficult to hold a grip, to write. Also it’s too hard for a person to speak because their muscles is too weak. EDS can develop a swellings all the way to an elbow and knee. EDS can happen in a people who have a problem with their teeth…show more content…
Breathing can be cause by spinal deformities. In the joint instability, dislocations would lead a person to roll over in bed and turning a doorknob. Cardiovascular problems affect by prognosis and life. There are issues of all different types of EDS, the person will have better life. The difficulties of blood vessel fragility can lead a risk. During a course of EDS, arterial can lead to death. Arterial rupture happen in the decade. Person at age of 48 who have Vascular EDS can expect to live. EDS is a condition. Person would face a problem of their disease. Person who has EDS have painful ruptures, their illness.

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