Ehrenreich Maids

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In the essay, “Maid to Order” by Barbara Ehrenreich, the term “the politics of housework”means the idea of getting paid to do housework. In the 1960s and 1970s, doing housework was more a housewife's job. However, after the feminist movement, many women started to hire maids to do their housework. Ehrenreich is not saying that feminism is bad, she is explaining how feminism has changed people’s home into a workplace. “The home, or at least the affluent home, is finally becoming what radical feminism in the 1970s only imagined it was-a “workplace” for women and a tiny, though increasing visible, part of the capitalist economy” (Ehrenreich, 90). Women did success in getting more opportunity in society, and not just doing houseworks. However,
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