Ehrenreich's Ethical Dilemmas

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Ehrenreich moves to Maine. The rationale for this the demography is a large number of white, English-speaking people in the low-wage work force and there is a large pool of available jobs. She wants to compared her discovers in Florida with a different demography area. Therefore, Ehrenreich stays in a Motel 6, before seeking employment and permanent housing. Ehrenreich sees housing in Old Orchard Beach for $65 a week, which is deplorable and illegal living conditions, which she decides not to take. However, many people would have taking this reside just to have a roof over their head or it was a better option than sleep on the streets. After disappointing attempts to secure housing, Ehrenreich finds a cottage for $120 a week and decides to…show more content…
Ted tells her that she must be allergic to the latex gloves and that she will be fine to work. Ehrenreich is so tormented by her rash she phones a dermatologist who calls in a prescription for her which she absorbed the cost for an illness obtains from the job that becomes an addition expense. According to the website http://obamacarefacts. com/ healthcare-reform-timeline/Health Care Reform Timeline before the new health regulations many people paid for health issues out of pocket because the company did not supply health insurance. In addition, PBS reports before the new health regulation that 44 million Americans were without health care insurance. As well as, over 60% of bankruptcies were related to medical costs, many of these people had insurance. Finally, Ehrenreich has had enough and tell her co-worker who she is and why she’s there. They appear to be unconcern after all they are busy dealing with survival issues. She leaves. Like many workers who endure their employer inability to communicate effectively, managing ineffectively, unwilling to pay a justified wage and the inability to show empathy decide they have had enough and decide to leave their
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