Ehrenreich's Experiment Ethical Analysis

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My thoughts about Ehrenreich’s experiment is that it is ethical. I believe it to be ethical because even though she was artificial to that life she experienced situations and emotions that were real. In the first chapter, she worked at Jerry’s and she had a moment where she feared losing her job. Joy, the manager, pulled her aside and Ehrenreich thought “But instead of saying “You’re fired” she says, “You’re doing fine” (35). She thought that she was going to get fired but it turned out contrary to her expectations, she shows slight fear since those were her thoughts, which a person that weren’t taking this experiment seriously wouldn’t be putting effort into their job. Then she meets George and feels moved by his situation of being new to this country. So she…show more content…
Another things that she does is that she starts taking on the attitude of her co-workers. One of her co-workers once got sent out of her usual workspace which got her mad. Her co-worker felt out of place and did the work improperly. Later on, Ehrenreich also got switched out of her usual workplace to go finish her CSL. Ehrenreich looks around to see if Howard was anywhere near and tries to rush out the store without being noticed to go call the motels. Which I consider is her act of rebellion since she didn’t finish her CSL and wanted to do what she needed to do. Ehrenreich’s experiment isn’t unethical because she didn’t cause any harm to anyone or violate any laws. The only thing that can be considered unethical is that she lied on the last application and lied to her co-worker Pete that she was single. Ehrenreich didn’t lie to hurt anyone but to sort of benefit from them in the sense that they would have her back and she lied on the application to see if her chances of getting a job were different. Ehrenreich’s experiment, in my opinion, is to be considered only

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