Eight People Are Bystanders Essay

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Seven out of eight people are bystanders because their scared or want friends. A bystander is worse because of many reasons. My first reason why a bystander is worse because a bully has a reason for his or her action but a bully doesn’t. My second reason is a bully goes through bullying because his or she has a problem at home but the bystander doesn’t have a problem at home and the bystander just wants friends and attention. My third reason is a bully would have guilt but a bystander would have more guilt than a bully because they would be the person who could’ve done something to stop it but didn’t because their lonely or scared. A quote from the article “Tales Of Bullying” is “I was bullied about my hair and about what I wore to school but there was…show more content…
A bystander is worse than a bully because the bully has problems at home which is leading to his or her bullying a bystander doesn’t has a reason for nut putting up with the bully. A bystander is someone who watches the bullying happen for no reason. A bystander is worse than a bully because the bystander has to live with the guilt of knowing that they could have stopped it but didn’t which could lead to teen suicide. As a result a bystander is far worse than a bully because the bully has a reason for his or her bullying but the bystander doesn’t. Lastly, a bystander is worse than a bully because a bystander has a power to stop the bullying but don’t just to have friends or to think their cool. The bystander wants attention and friends so they tag along with the bully. A bystander wants to feel like they fit in so therefore they help the bully. I can understand wanting friends but this is the wrong way to get friends. I used to not have friends but I didn’t get them from bullying or being a bystander I got them from being nice and respectful. No matter what you should stop bullying and you will get more friends that
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