Hrm 531 Change Management Plan

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Introduction – Change Management
This paper will describe and propose a change management plan for my organization. First, this paper will describe my organization in terms of industry, size, and history. Next, it will describe how the proposed Human Resources (HR) procedure should be changed, and three reasons why this change is important to make. Further, this paper will describe the recommended change. Also, it will develop a strategy that illustrates how I would address each of the eight stages of change. Next, this paper will identify potential resistance to change, and describe how the organization should manage this resistance. Further, it will outline three communications strategies I would use, as well as propose two diagnostic
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Kotter’s eight stages and my application of them include:
• Stage 1: Create Urgency: Craft and use a significant opportunity as a means for exciting people to sign up to change their organization. For my organization, Congress’ direction and timeline offers the urgency we need to effect this reorganization.
• Stage 2: Form a Powerful Coalition: Assemble a group with the power and energy to lead and support a collaborative change effort. For Headquarters, we would assemble the senior leaders, as well as the mid-level leaders for each of the four stovepipes and Chief of Staff on a leaders working group for this reorganization.
• Stage 3: Create a Vision for Change: Shape a vision to help steer the change effort and develop strategic initiatives to achieve that vision. Incorporating Congress’ direction, our director needs to reshape our vision and our associated
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This model is very much appropriate for my organization because it shows the inter-dependency between these elements for the organization to function. More importantly, it shows the organization as being comprised of four components (task, individuals, formal organizational arrangements, and informal organization.) Given the reorganization we are currently experiencing, these four components provide the baseline for stability in my organization (Palmer et al., 2009, 126). Using the congruence model to assess the effectiveness (or lack thereof) between the consistency components listed above, we will better determine in which areas we need to
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