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A bold and adventurous character in a famous comic book series called Onepiece said,“It's not about if I can! I'm doing this because I want to... If I have to die fighting for it, then I die.” One Piece, one of the greatest comic book series by a Japanese author, Eiichiro Oda, is a story about a boy who wants to be the king of the pirates, and his friends’ journey. This comic book is one of the most popular book in Japan because of its interesting and active plots. Also, many people compliment on its touching and impressing themes such as true friendship, and hard workings for dreams. Like the comic book, the author is also highly commended and admired by many people because of his hard working and detailed and continuously improving works.…show more content…
Oda was born on January 1, 1975, at Kumamato City, Japan. During his childhood he was a big fan of Vicky the Viking, Japanese cartoon, and Akira Toriyama’s comic book, Dragon Ball. Because of his admiration toward Akira Toriyama, since he was four years old, he wanted to be a comic book author. Furthermore, because he was a big fan of Vicky the Viking, he became an enthusiastic fan of all pirates and dreamed to draw up comics about stories of pirates. Keeping his long-cherished dream, Oda started his career as an comic book author’s assistant at the age of seventeen.He worked with Masaya Tokuhiro for four years, Nobuhiro Watsuki for a year, and Shinobu Kaitani for a little bit. From this experience, he learned numerous skills which later he used usefully in his works. While he was working as an assistant, he was studying architecture at Hiroyuki Takei college. In order to concentrate in his career, he quitted college when he was a freshman in 1994. This decision required a great courage because graduating college was a big and important method to get a job. To achieve his long-cherished dream, Oda had to make a big decision of quitting college and concentrating only in learning comic
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