Eik Gaye Aur Makhi Analysis

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1) Eik Gaye aur Bakri:

Iqbal wrote this poem in a very interesting way by attributing the cow and goat as talking being. He conveyed the message of the poem in very easy and simple way through the dialogue or conversation between these two. In this poem, when a goat met to cow asked her well being. But the cow complained against, his owner, which was not true because man provided her a good living condition, food, shelter and protection from danger and wilderness. In the same way as man often complaints against God despite of getting all facilities for better livelihood. After hearing it the goat, which is attributed by the poet as a wise man, replied that if we appreciate the life’s comforts, we would never complain against man/ God. In this poem the poet used a high level of personification as allegorical device.
2) Eik Makra aur Makhi:
In the poem, the cunning spider convinces the smart fly to climb up its web and
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Each person has his or her own individual talents, and everyone or everything has its purpose in this world, none greater or less than another. The non-human objects are portrayed by poet in such a way that we feel they have the ability to act like human beings.
4) Hamdardi:

In this poem the poet tried to inculcate the quality of sympathy in the children through the story of a little glow worm and a nightingale. In the poem nightingale lost her way to her nest because the darkness of the night which covers everything and made difficult to see anything or to find her way. She started wailing, a little glowworm heard her wailing. He felt sympathy and showed a readiness to help her in finding the way to her nest by his twinkling light.
So the poet conveyed a very strong message through this short poem that only those people are good in world those are ready to be helpful and useful to someone in his/her needs or bad time.
5) Maa ka
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