Einstein And Eddington Contribute To Albert Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity?

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The film Einstein and Eddington unfolds the story of how Arthur Eddington contributed to Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Einstein was the one who first introduced the concept of relativity, but Eddington was the one who finished the theory by proving Einstein’s claim. It all started when Eddington found out an anomaly with the behavior of Mercury; that Mercury’s behavior is against Newton’s theory. Eddington used Mercury as a counter example to disprove Newton’s theory. He consulted Einstein about this because Einstein’s theory seems to justify Mercury’s behavior and not the theory of Newton. Einstein agreed to cooperate with Eddington. That is where the struggles of the two scientists started. They pursue to uncover this truth despite the conflict between their countries. In contrast to what people nowadays believe, that Einstein alone developed the theory, there are two people involved in the development of the General Theory of Relativity and that is what the film…show more content…
Eddington supported and found proofs of Einstein theory, without Eddington the theory of relativity wouldn’t be introduced to the world. At the end of the film, Einstein was the only one who gained popularity because of his theory, although Einstein did acknowledge Eddington for his contribution. Eddington’s contribution is indispensable and he should be recognized for that. Lastly, the movie also incorporated history which is good also and can be easily understood by people who knows history. The movie showed how history affected the pursuit of scientific truth. If the world had not only been to war, the World War 1 specifically, Einstein and Eddington wouldn’t have troubles communicating with each other that would enable the two of them to exchange ideas freely, thus exploring more

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