Eisenhower Farewell Analysis

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Remembering our past oversights was necessary in order to avoid repeating past mistakes over and over again. This saying originated from George Santayana’s famous quotable quotes, “Those who fail to heed the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future.” Based on my own personal experience, I failed to listen with my father’s advice that education should have been my top priority when I was young. Then, he gave me the same old lectures when I was much older and was laid off from work multiple times. My father also provided me several warnings that technology will eventually take over my profession in the Travel Industry. I hate to admit it, but my father’s theory and vision was right all along. I lost my job involuntarily for…show more content…
He urged citizens to be vigilant so that its power would not be abused by the authorities. During his term, Eisenhower considered the MIC was imperative in order to deter the Soviet Union from becoming more aggressive. He thought that MIC growth was needed to counter the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapon devices, but it confounded him towards the end of his term. Eisenhower powerfully warned the Americans against extravagant military spending in the name of war. He feared and conveyed his disappointments that some officials were taking advantage of the whole situation and were purposely prolonging the fighting for reasons of profit. Even though he expressed his dissatisfaction towards the overbearing cost of nuclear weapons, he made a blissful announcement that war has been avoided. He also stated that a well-balanced progress toward his ultimate goal has been made, but warned the Americans to be watchful and productive against the fight of communism and worldwide major problems for the betterment of the country as a…show more content…
They both wanted to promote world peace. However, Kennedy’s approach was more aggressive than Eisenhower because he was willing to pay at any price in the name of democratic safety while Eisenhower wanted a well-balanced spending towards nuclear development. For me, Kennedy’s presidential address was more applicable to Santyana’s saying when he was reminding the people of the world not commit the same mistake as other countries had, because if they followed countries led by dictatorship they will also end up being the victim of that tyrannical
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