Eisenhower Criteria For President Essay

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In American history, we have had a total of 44 men (not counting Cleveland’s two non consecutive terms as different people) serve as our president. Of those 44 we have had 26 serve in the military and 16 have led us through wars. A small group of men fit into both groups, and far less have done all of this while they changed the way the world saw our nation. This narrows down the number of presidents to single digits, and if we are to factor out those who did little or nothing to benefit the United States on the inside, we would be down to one man. Dwight David Eisenhower. President Eisenhower fit all four criteria for the greatest president. military service, outstanding leadership through a war, proof of betterment of the country by fulfillment of his campaign promises and propitious influence on domestic affairs. This of course is in part to his presidency residing in the Atomic Age in the 50’s to early 60’s after WWII. Eisenhower served from 1953-1961, and was the first president bound by the 22nd amendment. This means that he not only fit the criteria listed above, but he also accomplished a lot of good within a total of 8 years. Prior to his service as president, he was…show more content…
Given that consumerism was high, wages were higher, the economy was booming, and the baby boom was in full swing it can be assumed that Eisenhower influenced what most Americans today call the “White Picket Fence Era”. This of course led to a small period of time in which people were less afraid of nuclear attack or of invasion, at least until the 80’s. Eisenhower also built the national interstate system and helped boost the economy, all while aiding the civil rights buildup by desegregating a school in Little Rock, Arkansas with armed troops to support the legality of the
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