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What is Eisenmenger Syndrome Heather A. Woods Stevens-Henager College – Boise Idaho Campus July 12, 2015 Author Note Heather A. Woods, Department, Stevens-Henager College, Boise, Idaho. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Author Name, Department, Stevens-Henager College, 1444 S. Entertainment Avenue, Boise, ID 83702. E-mail: Heather.Woods@bo.steveanshenager.com Eisenmenger Syndrome is the combination of hypertension and left to right shunting of the blood within the heart. It is a rare heart condition that is progressive. It develops in patients that have structural malfunctions of the heart. Treatment includes surgical procedures as well as medications an suppliments. Eisenmenger Syndrome effects women…show more content…
Blood will flow from the left ventricle into the right ventricle with this particular defect. The defect causes increased blood flow into the lungs and can eventually result in pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension will causes damage to the small blood vessels in lungs progressively through time. This is known as pulmonary vascular disease. As the damage progresses, pulmonary hypertension will increase and the small blood vessels become thickened and blocked affecting the flow of blood. Life threatening conditions can occur because of this. Symptoms of Eisenmenger syndrome can range by a case by case scenario. Signs and symptoms do not occur until approximately thirty years of age. It can however develop rapidly in some cases. Inadequate oxygen supply to the body cells, known as hypoxia, is part of the symptoms of Eisenmenger syndrome. The most recognizable symptom will include a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes; this is referred to as cyanosis. Patients with Eisenmenger syndrome can develop cyanosis in the lips, fingernails, and toes. Due to the inadequate oxygen to the blood supply the patient may also display high levels of red blood cells. Other signs can include broadening of the tips of the fingers and toes this is known as clubbing.…show more content…
Eisenmenger syndrome has decreased due to the prevention of prolonged pulmonary hypertension through early surgical correction of certain congenital defects. Approximately 8 percent of individuals with congenital heart disease will develop Eisenmenger syndrome. Pregnancy can result in cardiovascular changes that may increase the risk of potentially life-threatening complications in a woman with Eisenmenger syndrome as well as the fetus. The treatment of Eisenmenger syndrome is based off of specific symptoms of each patient and can vary. Patients are encouraged to seek help from a cardiologist, Doctors that specializes in the treatment of lung diseases, and a hematologist. Patients that have developed Eisenmenger syndrome are also recommended to take medications to help with symptoms, water retention, and iron supplements if they suffer from anemia, these would need to be monitored

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