Ej Brown Stereotypes

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EJ Brown “was inspired by a photograph he saw of Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown dressed in his graduation gear, and felt that the image illustrated the contrast between the perception and reality of being an African American college graduate” he used this opportunity to shed some light and positivity against the stereotypical ideas held to black individuals through the use of graduation cap and gown and a criminal slate (Neuendorf, 1). After witnessing an unarmed black male be shot in the back by a police officer on the news, Brown felt he must express his anger through art to convey his message. He felt frustration towards how the media conveyed the blame onto the victims rather than the officers who committed the killing. Through how the media represents the information, …show more content…

They are individuals who have passions and goals in life just as other races do, not criminals with bad intentions. Through these unique interpretations of the typical mugshot, it will allow viewers to notice that the stereotype formed in their mind is not always accurate. This will lead individuals to deconstruct the damaging stereotypes that are associated with black males and has the potential to persuade individuals to join the positive protest. By young black viewers seeing these images rather than criminal perspectives of their race, it gives the child motivation and comfort. They see the image and notice that they can grow up to be just like the college-educated males, rather than doomed to the criminal behavior that is stereotypically believed. These images also have an influence on other young viewers of various races as they are in the process of forming their own beliefs and perspective of social groups. Through a positive image being portrayed, it differs from the constant negative ones the media has to

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