Ekeko: A Speech On The Importance Of Culture

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Different people have different cultures that help them achieve particular goals. These cultures can vary from actions to possession of particular objects that help in identifying them because they are prominent to them. This speech seeks to explain the significance of culture through the famous customary god (Ekeko) of some of the South American countries. The Ekeko is a dominant figure in the annual Las Alasitas festivals held in Bolivia and has been instrumental in shaping the lives of most Bolivians, as well as, people from Peru and Northern Argentina.

Speech on the significance of culture
Ladies and gentlemen, it is said that a society deficient of knowledge of their culture and history is like a tree devoid of roots. This is an old saying that has been used to emphasize on the importance of culture and tradition throughout the world. I agree with this idea because culture is an imperative aspect in our everyday lives and it plays a major role in our daily decision making processes. I come from region with an array of strong religious beliefs. Throughout my lifetime, these beliefs have impacted my existence and have been vital in all circumstances I have been through. The Ekeko is one such object that my people strongly believe in. This is an object that relates to my life significantly and has over the years molded my character.
Probably you are wondering what this object is. The Ekeko is a customary god of wealth and luck owned
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