El Ahrairah Foreshadowing

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Have you ever heard of mystical rabbits? In Watership Down Ch6 " The story of the blessing of El-ahrairah." There is Lord Frith he is their god. Frith made all the animals in the world. Soon after he met a rabbit named El-ahrairah. El-ahrairah is a rabbit who has had many wives and has played many tricks. One day Frith held a great meeting to make every animal different. I learned the rabbits have passed down the story of how all animals are different. El-ahrairah and his people were stuck in a bad place. Prince Rainbow would not let them leave. So, El-ahrairah made a deal with Prince Rainbow. El-ahrairah agreed with Prince Rainbow to let his people be free if he stole King Darzin 's lettuce. Later on El-ahrairah pulled a trick on…show more content…
Prince Rainbow had been watching El-ahrairah and he sent a spy named Hufsa to live with El-ahrairah. El-ahrairah knew there was a spy when his plans kept failing. One day Prince Rainbow planted some carrots in front of a bunch of people. El-ahrairah wanted those carrots. One night El-ahrairah and Hufsa went out to steal the carrots and saw Hawok swimming with a messenger. Hufsa went and snitched to Prince Rainbow about El-ahrairah stealing the carrots. They had a trial and Hufsa told them what happened. They thought Hufsa was crazy. While all the animals were at the trial, Rabscuttle stole all the carrots. This taught me that rabbits are smart enough to get out of bad situations. There was a dog named Rowsby Woof. He guarded a vegetable garden. El-ahraiarah and Rabscuttle wanted the vegetables. They were going to trick the dog by making a fake dog nose. Their plan was to trick the Rowsby Woof. El-ahrairah passed himself off as fairy wogdog a messenger for Queen Dripslober. El-ahrairah made Rowsby Woof wait for the Queen far away from the garden. Then, El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle stuffed their faces and left happy. El-ahrairah uses trickery often to prove rabbits are
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